Merry Christmas



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Advent – Day Seventeen


Break time’s over Verne (anyone else an Earnest Saves Christmas fan?)


Today’s calendar said to have a silly string fight!


It was a little one sided


As only one of the parties involved could actually work the canisters


But they both had equal fun cleaning up! (Weird kids!)

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Advent – Day Sixteen


The wisemen are going in circles – they’re back at the refrigerator now.


The advent today was christmas themed bath ducks because they were dangerously close to running out of bath toys.


And just for fun, a picture of this turkey in the tub too!

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Advent – Day Fifteen


The wisemen needed an early start this morning.


Today’s advent gift was Anna flavored jelly beans! (Seriously, Frozen is still everywhere and on everything!)

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Advent – Day Fourteen


The girls got such a kick out of this hiding spot (thanks Josh!)


These girls dressed themselves for church


And when we got home,


There were gel clings to play with!

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Advent – Day Thirteen


Because even wisemen like Batman.


And the advent calendar says …


Make gingerbread houses!


Except I clearly don’t know enough about engineering to build gingerbread houses.


Glue gun FTW!


Also, enlist another set of hands.


In the end, the girls were super pleased with their creations.


And that’s what counts. (Or so I’m told. Honestly though, these things make my OCD self all twitchy.)

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Advent – Day Twelve


The wise men are upgrading their technology.


And the advent calendar says


Watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas on mom & dad’s bed!

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