Bringing Bowie Home

Ready for a freedom ride!

I had no idea that shelters don’t routinely go on and neuter/spay animals before adoption. But they don’t. I guess they don’t want to waste resources on animals that may not live. So Bowie wasn’t altered and the shelter wouldn’t release him until he was. Which makes perfect sense and trust me, I was happy to have them do it.

Side note, for $50, he was dewormed, vaccinated, had his rabies shot, and a lifetime county pet registration and neutered. Also, February is a microchip your pet month and so he was microchipped for just $5. I would have spent so much more at the vet on all of that. Yet another reason to adopt from a shelter.

The problem was that this shelter is undergoing construction and went from three surgery tables to just one. And that obviously created a backlog. Even though we signed the adoption papers on him, he wasn’t ready to go home until almost a week later. They couldn’t confirm a date until he was actually under, so we just weren’t sure when he was going to come home.

But then he was ready and we were more than ready!

Freedom ride!

His purple hippo that he was snuggling with when we got home. Marion picked it out for him.

Thanks to some very kind neighbors and friends, we were able to get him a pretty sweet setup. It’s a portable pen with his crate inside of it. The tarp was just in case of accidents.

We were able to get he and Gracie acquainted safely and comfortably for both of them.

What is this green stuff?

I think he’s saying thank you.

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Meeting Bowie

So the face is sweet, but would the rest of him live up to it?

That would be a resounding yes!

I took Eliza and Graham up to meet him first and let’s just say that the fact we stayed around long enough to meet him was a miracle in and of itself. I chose to romanticize the shelter in my head. We’d be welcomed and applauded for saying we wanted to adopt a non puppy. We’d be shown to a cozy room with toys and treats and given all the time in the world to acquaint ourselves with him. Birds would sing, roses would bloom and we’d be hailed as conquering heroes.

Instead, we were yelled at that we filled out the wrong form by a government employee with way too much power and authority. We had to wait, and wait, and wait and wait and see what at times seems like the worst of humanity come in.

I’ll interject something quickly here because I was all kinds of Judgey McJudgerson on people surrendering their pets while we were there (really abandoning them but we chose to use feel good words I guess.) My vet actually had to point this out to me and it’s true. Our vet said Bowie’s former owner must have honestly cared for him at least a bit because he could have dumped him at a park, just left him on the street, thrown him out of a car, but instead, he came and admitted he couldn’t care for him anymore. And that means the owner has a bit of soul and compassion at least.

So while I couldn’t believe the amount of turn-ins we saw (seven in an hour) it’s people who could have not cared at all. Even these people:

Intake clerk: so why are you turning in the cat?
Person: we just found it and don’t want it
Intake clerk: so how long have you had it?
Person: Two years.

Back to Bowie. Thankfully by the time we were able to see him it was a little quieter and we were able to have some fenced off space to meet him. He was scared and pitiful but oh so loving, even from the start.

Despite Graham’s face in this one, they were fast friends. And I knew Bowie was something special when Graham tried to pull out his teeth and all he did was lick Graham’s hands.

We couldn’t get him to eat any treats that first go round, but he also showed no signs of food aggression, always a good thing.

After I was sold on him, I went back to get Marion from school and Josh from work and take them back out to the shelter. Bowie had 24 hours left to live at this point so we needed to get an adoption hold put on him quickly.

If I wasn’t sold at first, this definitely did me in.


The girls were in love too.

And Josh thought he was a really nice dog as well.

So the paperwork was filled out and Bowie could rest easy!

We went up the following day to visit with him again, and this time, he was relaxed enough to eat around us.

And semi-pose for pictures.

He adores Graham.

And Eliza too (right after this picture was taken I found Bowie nose deep sniffing Eliza’s curls, haha!)

This is the smile of a dog that has found his family!

Now to just get him out of there and bring him home!

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Meet Bowie

So this is our Bowie.

Isn’t he beautiful?

And yes, he looks a lot like Nanuq and that’s probably what caught my attention first about him.

If you aren’t a dog lover and don’t believe in serendipitous moments, just go on and come back tomorrow for more cute dog pictures. I’m going to use this post to tell his story.

And it’s long. And overly wordy. But it’s me, would you expect anything less?

Last Tuesday night I was getting ready to ride my bike on the trainer in the garage. It was hot and I decided I needed to rig something up for my fan which required the use of a bungee cord. I started digging through boxes in the garage looking for one and I picked up a box of pet stuff, shampoo, brushes, etc. At the bottom, was Nanuq’s collar from when we lived in Indiana. I thought for sure we’d thrown it away years ago. But we hadn’t. I’m not even going to lie, I smelled it and it still smelled like him. I had a good cry, couldn’t find a bungee cord, had to use zip ties instead and got my workout on.

As I was cooling down, I opened up facebook where my friend Jane shared a post about a dog that needed adoption. It wasn’t the dog that caught my eye, but the photography. It was a studio quality photo of a dog in a shelter. So I opened up the link to the facebook page of BH Studios and started scrolling back through her posts. Amy is a super skilled dentist and a very talented photographer who has volunteered her photography skills to help take more appealing photos of dogs and cats in shelters. A good picture makes a world of difference as anyone who has ever scrolled through a shelter’s postings will see.

Anyway, there was a non posed, non proped picture of this sweet Aussie mix. And I was smitten. Here’s what she said:

“The Harris County Shelter reported that neither of these dogs has a rescue or an adoption hold, as of 6pm, tonight. They have been given an extension until Feb 12, COB Thursday, to try to find a rescue/adopter/foster for one or both of them. They are both at the Harris County Shelter in Houston, TX.

Both of these dogs were owner turn-ins. One is considered a Lab mix, the other a Lab/Aussie Shepherd or Border Collie mix. They are about 45 lbs. Both were gentle and shy, at least the first day that they were at the shelter. Age was not determined, but they look relatively young (1-2 yrs. old–not puppies). Heartworm status is unknown.”

I (not going to lie) strongarmed Josh into agreeing to let me visit this guy. I knew he was the dog for us.

Here’s the serendipity of the whole situation. I have a lot of friends that are passionate about saving shelter animals. I have blocked as much of facebook as is possible from seeing these posts from them because it was just too hard for me after we lost Nanuq. Jane’s share got through (although this is less serendipity and more who knows what facebook shows you and why). Then, I had to go back and scroll through old posts on BH Studio’s page to see this. In fact, on my phone, I had to swipe right to see his picture. I was looking for something and didn’t even know it. Then, I occasionally look at our city shelter’s webpage but I have never looked at the county shelter’s page. And this guy was at the county shelter, not the city.

Laugh all you want, scoff, roll your eyes, whatever. But this boy was meant to be a part of our family. And I chose to believe Nanuq had a part to play in all this.

Nothing will every replace you sweet boy, but we’re in good paws again.

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Back to Normal

There’s a reason I haven’t been posting and it’s because I keep saying I’ll start blogging again when things are back to normal.

Since Christmas, we’ve had

The flu in all three kids, a secondary respiratory infection for Marion and a double ear infection for Graham.

Resulting in pink stains everywhere and wishing they sold Amoxicilian in family sized tubs.

And learning that it doesn’t agree with this one so well, resulting in immediate and necessary sink baths.

We’ve start teething as well. (Yes, that was all in one day.)

We’ve entered the annoying little brother stage of life.

Someone has joined us at the family table.

We’ve continued with our home school days (not gonna lie, mama has a bad case of spring fever.)

We have had a chance to enjoy some of this beautiful winter weather.

Don’t hate.

There have been some intense games of Uno

And Josh even had a return to racing! (New half marathon PR happening right there.)

Graham helped me work on my track bike and got his first Cat 5 tattoo.

We all survived Josh’s first work trip in a very long while. (He was in Washington state for almost a week)

We’ve even booked a trip to Disney!

Then Eliza got an absolutely awful gastro bug

That meant we tried to be out of the house as much as possible to avoid the bookend children getting sick.

Which also meant we got seriously overloaded with laundry.

Whoobuddy. Return to normal, right?

And then, we decided to add this sweet boy to our lives!

Normal is overrated!

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Merry Christmas



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Advent – Day Seventeen


Break time’s over Verne (anyone else an Earnest Saves Christmas fan?)


Today’s calendar said to have a silly string fight!


It was a little one sided


As only one of the parties involved could actually work the canisters


But they both had equal fun cleaning up! (Weird kids!)

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Advent – Day Sixteen


The wisemen are going in circles – they’re back at the refrigerator now.


The advent today was christmas themed bath ducks because they were dangerously close to running out of bath toys.


And just for fun, a picture of this turkey in the tub too!

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