Introducing …

Our precious baby boy Graham Douglas


He was born at 12:34 on July 2nd, weighing 9lbs 0oz and measuring 20.5 inches. The exact same weight and height as his big sister Eliza!


We are all so very much in love!


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Sibling Class With Marion

A few weeks ago (and we’ll just leave it at that) Marion and I spent the afternoon at the hospital doing a sibling class together.

It was a lot of fun and worth the $20 it cost (or however much it was.) Marion is at the age and is of the personality type that she really wants to know where things are (literally) and the proper steps that are going to happen and in general, is happiest when things are predictable and orderly. The sibling class was great for a few reasons, mostly because she got to see the actual hospital and one of the recovery rooms that I’ll be in. She also got to see the cafeteria and the gift shop and now she’s a pro at knowing where she can get snacks.

So while maybe there wasn’t a lot of knowledge to come from the actual class for her, it was a really good experience and helped eliminate a lot of the anxiety I think she could have been feeling.

Decorating a toilet paper tube. This was probably the most useful thing she learned – that if it was small enough to fit down the tube, it’s not an appropriate toy for baby brother.

Learning to diaper Brown Dog

Small brown dogs are harder to diaper than you think.


Now on to the swaddling portion

And before you ask, of course we totally tried to swaddle Eliza when we got home.

Good job Widget!

Absolutely adore this picture

And a trip to the hospital gift shop to pick out a present for Little Fellow

So many choices!

And this is what she picked out. She did a great job and I think she is so ready for this little guy to get here!

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Back From Vacation

Okay, so I haven’t been on vacation for the last six weeks, even though it was the last time I blogged, whoops. But a six week vacation would have been nice. That’s okay, a weekend outside of San Antonio was still a pretty great family get away.

We are all ready to go!

This is the face of a very disappointing Josh upon realizing what a pecan log actually is. He was hoping it was the inside of a pecan pie in log form. Whomp whomp.

It’s entirely possible I ate those until I got sick.

Tired girls waiting for check-in.

One tired girl and one Beans testing out the balcony.

Few things are better than beds that require a running start to get into.

The sun’s awake, so I’m awake!

What a gorgeous morning, one that we could actually enjoy because it wasn’t 90* and 97% humidity at 8:00 a.m.!

Vacation ritual – breakfast on the balcony.

Vacation ritual – pretending that is coffee.

Vacation ritual – Josh’s morning run to Starbucks and knitting.

If not the Loch Ness, a close cousin for sure.

Ready to hit the water! All 3.89 of us.

Lunch time! One of the great things about where we stayed was you could bring your own food in or order poolside. We didn’t want to pay $12 for a kid’s PB&J so that worked out perfectly. Pack a picnic for the kids and the grownups get waited on :)

The very definition of vacation, a poolside nap.

We spent five hours poolside and they still had energy for an hours worth of coloring.

You are d.o.n.e being pregnant when you’ve outgrown a restaurant’s booth.

Family portrait time.

Nightly s’mores.

Nightly Beans high on s’mores.

Starbucks oatmeal counts as breakfast in bed, right? Especially when the kids are still asleep at 8:00 a.m.!

Which never lasts as long as you’d like :)

More breakfast on the balcony.

Ready for another full day at the pool.

We didn’t let the fact that it was raining stop us. Although it apparently kept everyone else inside.

This crazy child loves her cheetos.

Post lunch sleepies. Plus, they kept saying they were cold.

A more proper nap.

So she has energy for crazy time with daddy!

Then back to the water!

Lazy rivers are awesome.

Almost as awesome is pizza for dinner while you watch a movie at 9 p.m.!

Our turn at balcony dining.

Pre-bedtime snuggles.

What happens when big sister falls asleep before little sister…

One last balcony breakfast.

And a special Father’s Day message!

I’m pretty sure she grew into a big girl on this trip.

And of course, we couldn’t leave without remembering the Alamo.

Or the “Alabamo” as my southern fried girls called it.

It was a great trip and a really wonderful way to celebrate the last days of us being a family of four. Baby brother is due to arrive ten days from now and I have a feeling we won’t be having quite such peaceful and relaxing vacations for some time now!

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In Only Eight Short Years

From this

To this.

And we’ve never been happier.

Here’s to 80 more years!

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Bluebonnets 2014

I almost forgot about bluebonnet pictures this year!

Luckily the weather has been super cool

And the flowers have hung around for a little while.

If only the children were so cooperative!

Such sillies

If someone could tell me when she got so big, I’d appreciate it.

She’s on the downhill side to SIX YEARS OLD now.

And then there is Beans.

My girl :)

Oh but I do love her

Beaniness and all.

Bayou, construction, interstate and bluebonnets. Pretty much sums up Houston!

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Because I can’t resist a punny blog title and a lookback post all in one.


2011 – part one

2011 – part two




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Strawberry Picking 2014

The past two years I’ve made the mistake of going to the farm during Spring Break week where you honestly wait longer to park than it takes you to pick buckets full of berries. This year though, I made sure to wait and thanks to the amazingly cooler weather we’ve been having, there was no danger of the fields being picked over.

They needed no instructions this year!

Serious berry face

They were on a mission

Except when they were goofing off

Lots and lots of berries

And curls.

It helped a lot this year that Eliza knows the difference between red and green, haha!

Berry perfect

I pretty much let them do all the work

Well, most of it.

I was supervisor

Chief photographer

And incubator.

This picture will so be pulled out on her 16th birthday.

More berries!

It was a perfectly gorgeous day

And we had the fields practically to ourselves.

Then someone gets stuck in the mud.

When the buckets get too heavy to carry, improvisation is called for.

As is laughter.

Just a perfect day.

With some practically perfect girlies.

And it goes without saying that strawberry picking is exhausting work!

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