No, seriously, fall is really here now!

We woke up this morning to 75 degrees and it’s only gotten cooler since then! I do think fall-ish weather is here, but don’t you think our newspaper is going a little overboard?

Temperature drop to bring winter to Houston

Yeah, I’m not believing it either.

But it is supposed to be cooler all week, and so in celebration of that, I’ll be posting a photo tour of the house every day (mainly so the mommas stop worrying that we are living in a hovel) and showing how we do fall down here when it gets below 65 and people bust out the scarves (I’m not lying, saw a lady sporting one today in Target.)

Oh, and a disclaimer, yes, I have an obsession with seasonal decorations and yes I do have six or so changes of bedding so later this week when you see fall bedding one that does in fact mean there is also fall bedding two. You try working retail for like five years and see if you come away unscathed.

So let’s start at the very beginning (and everyone sing a long, a very good place to start.)

The front of the house. Yes, this house is a rental. If it were my house there wouldn’t be what appears as black mold going up the front of it. You take what you can get and did I mention we have just a five minute commute to downtown? I’ll take my black mold thankyouverymuch.

The mums do need a bit of work, but they were $1.26 at Lowe’s this weekend and should last until spring.

Front door

Restoration Hardware, probably three years ago.

And the doggie pic of the day

Click here for the fall decor album
Click here for Gracie Lou’s album
Click here for Nanuq’s album

Tomorrow – the living room!

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One Response to No, seriously, fall is really here now!

  1. momma says:

    winter has come to houston alaska…26 degrees and 2 inches of snow!
    hig today, tuesday oct 23…33 degrees 🙂

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