Fall, Day 2

Continuing the house tour….front door leads to the living room. We were really excited to have a real living room, not the standard apartment combined kitchen/dining/living rooms. The excitement only lasted as long as it took us to realize that the room was not symmetrical. And if there’s one truism about Josh and me, it’s that we love symmetry. So to say that this room has driven us crazy is an understatement. The front door is not lined up with the entrance to the dining room. The fireplace is not centered on the wall, and the windows on the sides of the fireplace are unevenly spaced. In spite of the craziness of the layout, this is the room that we spend the most time in, so we’ve tried to make it as nice as possible. We have new furniture and a new layout picked out for it, but Crate and Barrel just need to have a leather sale, then we’ll have a new living room.

I will say it’s been fun having a mantle to decorate

Yes, I have an obsession with textiles. No, I will not seek help. Fall pillows and throw. And oh, why are my couch cushions so crooked?

And even Gracie Lou gets fall-ed up

Until she decides to chase the kitty

Tomorrow, the dining room and the reason we should never attempt to DIY furniture.

Click here for the fall decor album
Click here for Gracie Lou’s album

I’ve tossed this about, trying to figure out how much to say, or not to say at all. But I realize to keep silent would be doing a disservice to my babies and to Josh and me. So I’ll try not to dwell on it (as impossible as it is) but I won’t not mention it either. They were our babies, even if it was just for a short time and even if we never did get to hold them. But we had them for ten amazing and glorious weeks and they’ve forever changed our lives. Today is four months since we found them and twelve weeks since we lost them. But not a moment goes by that we don’t think about them and miss them and just love them. So my sweet babies, know your momma loves you so much and misses you like words can’t even begin to express.

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One Response to Fall, Day 2

  1. Beth says:

    Look at poor Gracie! You are torturing her. 🙂

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