Fall, Day 3

This is a bit of a repeat post since the dining room isn’t super falled out.


The pumpkins I crafted and I also made the table runner. Our table isn’t very big, so we’ve left it understated so we actually have room to eat our dinner.

Ooooh, let me tell you of my table love. The table is inherited. It belonged to Josh’s grandmother who used it as their dining table, the it was handed to Josh’s mom, who gave it to Josh’s dad, who used it as a conference room table when he first started his business. Now, it’s ours and I love it for it’s weird octagon-y shape and it’s family history. When we moved to Indiana, it didn’t have any chairs (those now belong to Josh’s brother Chris and his wife Abby) so we found some great chairs one day in a resale shop in Bloomington. Two of the chairs match each other, and the other two are close matches. But I think it all goes perfectly.

Besides, who else has dining room chairs with these cool labels?

Alas, the fourth chair has no label, only tinfoil to keep the cat off

And this, this is why we should never DIY our own furniture. We built it just fine. Well, IKEA built it, we assembled it with no problems.

The staining …. not so much.

Gratuitous pet shot of the day

Nanuq says, Cat, you scare me not.

Meanwhile, the epic battle of cat vs squirrel rages on

Click here for the fall decor album
Click here for the home album
Click here for Nanuq’s album

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