Fall, Day 4

Fall today is brought to you by the letter “Q.”

“Q” in this case, being for quilt.

This is the perfect early fall quilt, when it’s too warm for heavy blankets, flannel or down, but when the nights are too cool for just a sheet.

This quilt is my “grab in the middle of the fire” item – the one thing (short of my husband and pets) that I would risk running back in for. My great-grandmother made it, and my grandmother willed it to me.

Big Granny (as we called her) had some rockin taste in fabrics and I love it for how crazy the fabrics are.

I love it for it’s totally uneven stitches

And it’s not really matched up blocks

I also love it because it keeps me warm.

But mostly I love it because it is me.

Pet picture of the day:

Cat, on quilt

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One Response to Fall, Day 4

  1. momma says:

    you make me miss them both :`(

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