Pumpkin Placecards – How-to

These things are so so easy to make – so don’t be put off by the length of the post. It will probably take you longer to read this than it will to actually make them.


  • Leaf template
  • Something to cut a straight line with (it can be a fancy paper cutter or a simple ruler)
  • Scissors
  • Two sheets of fall colored construction paper per pumpkin
  • A scrap of green paper for your leaf (I really don’t care if you use green or not)
  • Something to punch a hole with
  • Marker to write the person’s name
  • And a pen or pencil to trace the leaf with
  • Two brads per pumpkin**
  • Floral wire to make the “vine”
  • **I imagine you could also glue each strip of paper together instead of using brads, but I had brads and glue is too messy. But glue away my friend if it suits you.

    These are brads, in case you’ve forgotten crafting 101.

    I used a fancy hole puncher. You can also use a three hole punch or your finger.

    Trace your leaf onto green paper. If you want to get all Martha, I’m sure you could use a real leaf if you wanted.

    For those of you lazy BOW’s out there, here’s the leaf I used to trace.
    Leaf Template

    Cut your leaf out and go on and write the name. Do it now even though it seems bassackwards to do this first.

    Punch a hole at the end of the leaf, set aside

    Time to cut! Slice your paper into two inch strips (slicing paper sounds so much more cool than merely cutting it.) Okay, here’s the truth. All these measurements and crapp are just my suggestions. You are free to do whatever you want. You are free to even do nothing if that pleases you as well. Just be forewarned, if you don’t do what I say, your pumpkins won’t look like mine. And don’t come crying to me when they turn out different. I’ve already told you so.

    Shortcut 101 – slice two pieces of paper together at once!

    When you are done, you’ll have eight 2 x 11 strips and two scrap strips – throw those away. Recycle those.

    Start punching! Put a hole at each end of the strip. Now, here’s where deviating from my instructions have the most life shattering impact. I punched my holes about an inch from the end of the strip and tried to land it roughly in the middle. Should you punch closer to the end of the paper, again, your pumpkin will look differently. Read all the way through for photos of possible variations.

    When you are done, you’ll have a tidy stack of strips with two holes in each strip

    Line up the leaf hole with the strip hole (boy that sounds dirty.)

    Put the brad through, pretty side up.

    The dirty underside. (Lord have mercy what is up with this color?)

    For ease of reference, we’re going to use the face of a clock to tell you how to lay them out. Strips one and two get laid at positions twelve and six.

    Then nine and three.

    Then two and seven. (I can tell time, right?)

    Then five and ten.

    Then bring strips up to form a round shape, overlapping the holes. Insert the brad from the bottom to the top (much easier to hold that way)

    Until all the strips are up. Don’t worry if they fall out of perfect alignment, that’s easily fixed.

    Fold the brad closed, and presto – a pumpkin bottom!

    Now turn the pumpkin over, and you are done! (If you want to be)

    You can also add in a vine like thingie. Take a piece of floral wire and wrap it around and kind of under the brad.

    Using a pen or pencil or get crafty and use your finger, wrap the wire around and around.

    Remove the wrapping instrument – and curlicues!

    Now my momma has a place to sit!

    So remember what I said about punching the hole an inch from the end of the strip? I got lazy and decided to just use my three hole punch, which of course, doesn’t punch an inch from the end. It punches about a quarter of an inch from the end.

    This is the result.

    A pumpkin that does look different from the rest of them. It’s a little bit looser and bigger than the others. So if you like the way a tighter pumpkin looks but you only have a three hole punch, cut your strips to be about ten inches instead of eleven.

    Pretty little pumpkins all in a row.

    Variations on a theme:

    They have yet to be tarted up.

    Click here for the whole how-to album

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    One Response to Pumpkin Placecards – How-to

    1. Beth says:

      LOVE them, and LOVE YOU!

      Can’t wait to get started on mine – I got all my sweet supplies. 🙂

      (oh and LOL @ tarting them up)

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