Unexpected Surprise and Weekend FO

We had a most unexpected (and incredibly welcome) surprise this weekend – my brother stopped in for a visit! By stopped in, I mean, had a layover, and by visit I mean, four hours. But who cares – it was still awesome to see him! And in the grand tradition of the L. family – we picked him up and went to Waffle House. They don’t have any Waffle Houses in Alaska, so I know he likes to get his fill every time he visits the lower 48. One of the benefits of being in Houston is that any time he flies south, he’ll end up having a layover here, so we’ll at least have a few minutes to see each other.

This one’s for you mom.

And, since I finally finished my Cabletini socks last night, I wore them to the airport! Trust me, I’m wearing them, even if you can’t see them.

Gracie was so distracted by looking for the cat….

She didn’t even notice what was going on

Why are you laughing at me?

Nanuq just looks embarrassed

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