Weekend – WIPs

See, this is why I am really weird and don’t like knitting on more than one project at once. I get too flustered and can’t pick which project to work on, so no FOs to show off.

For you non-knitters WIP = work in progress, FO = finished object.

My three Thanksgiving weekend WIPs:

Socks for momma – one sock has made it above the ankle

The other is just a toe.

An astounding lack of progress on Henry. This might have to be a present for next year’s holiday.

And a lap blanket for my papaw. This would have been completed this weekend (it is, in theory, a six hour project) but I changed some colors and ran out of yarn. I wasn’t about to brave any store (even a yarn one) on Black Friday, so I have to wait to pick up more yarn this week to finish it.

Again, this is why I don’t work on more than one project at once, my knitters OCD has kicked in!

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