Christmas time is here…ish

It can’t be fully Christmas time until it gets below 70 for more than one day in a row – is that too much to ask? I didn’t think so.

In spite of the 80 degree weather, we braved through the sweat and put up our Christmas tree this year.

Josh did a great job with the lights

We had fun playing with the exposure on the camera

Some of our ornaments…

For our first Christmas in Texas

The pups each have an ornament…we need to get one for Thomas now.

When my Grandmother passed at Thanksgiving time, her children went on and decorated for Christmas, since it was her favorite holiday. I took this off of her tree and it’s my most favorite ornament.

From our previous life as campers

and hikers

Even the pups got in the holiday spirit

Though they might not have been very happy about it.

It does leave a person rather exhausted.

Click here for our holiday 2007 decor album

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