And the stockings were hung

By the chimney if not with care, at least they are up there.

A monkey stocking for the monkey

The jury is still out on that one….

A very lady-like stocking for the un-lady-like Lou Bear

Stocking I made for Josh four years ago I think…

My second oldest stocking…the oldest is with momma. This one has to be at least twenty years old.

And stockings for our babies. (Sorry Laura, I didn’t actually make them 😦 I have something in the works though, but these are Target stand ins for now!)

A little bit of mantle decor

One of the stocking holders (the star seems to be a theme we are picking up on)

The other stocking holder (Thanks Momma!)

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One Response to And the stockings were hung

  1. Laura says:

    Kat – the stockings for your babies are so precious. I’m assuming that you knit them?

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