A Merry Christmas Was Had By All

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We drove to Atlanta (with an overnight stop at my parents’ in Jackson)

Papaw loved his blanket

Nanuq slept

Josh drove

Gracie crashed out too

The puppies loved their stockings

Lou Bear’s favorite Christmas present

We figure she was born in a mud puddle

Nanuq dug

Dirt covered face

Makes him a very happy boy

Happy girl

Silly girl

Apparently this was a watering hole, and not a wallowing hole

Being a dog makes you tired

Ahhhh the Varsity – another reason we miss Atlanta

We’ve been appreciated since we’ve been back, either that or just used. Chris and Abby are on their way to Italy for their honeymoon now, courtesy of the L.H. express wagon.

My feelings exactly

Click here for all our Christmas joy

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One Response to A Merry Christmas Was Had By All

  1. momma says:

    pap looks real comfy!
    and the puppers look like they are really having fun!
    love ya miss ya

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