Weekends and Holiday – FOs and a WIP

Whew! Holiday knitting is done! And only one present is going to arrive late – not bad for a mid December start!

Without further ado and I have to say my husband makes a great hat model…

A nice orange hunting hat for Darren

A fun hat for my brother (the pattern was made by knitting one row of grey, one of red, two rows of grey, one of red, three rows of grey, one of red, you get the idea)

Another “mathematical” hat for Josh

This hat is seven rows of black, two of grey, six rows of black, three of grey, five rows of black, four of grey, four rows of black, five rows of grey, three rows of black, six rows of grey, two rows of black, seven rows of grey

A ponytail pi hat for myself (click here for the pattern)

And I finished the socks for mom I started over Thanksgiving!

I also learned how to double knit this weekend, thanks to my awesome friend Megan, and I’ve got a special project in the works – so no pictures of that just yet.

New Year’s Resolutions for my knitting/crafting:

  • Only knit/craft things for people who genuinely appreciate them. If I have to think about it twice, they probably don’t deserve it.
  • Make myself a sweater (which was a resolution last year….)
  • Reduce my stash
  • Knit for charity
  • Keep a better record of my projects
  • Take pride in what I do

(Getting started on one of those resolutions now…)
2008 FO count (this is projects started and finished in 2008): 0

Nanuq also makes a fine knitting model

Full details on my Ravelry page
Click here for my knitting album

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2 Responses to Weekends and Holiday – FOs and a WIP

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m coveting your Mom’s socks. Also, I read your resolution to knit for charity, and I posted an idea for that on my blog here. My idea may be really difficult for you, or it may be really cathartic. Either way, I think it’s something to know about.

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