How We Made It Work

Week Four

This week was another roller coaster week. Months seem ordinary, weeks seem unpredictable. It’s good to have someone to ride with though.

Josh had his annual review at work this week – even though he hasn’t been there fully a year yet. He wasn’t stressed about it, but I certainly was. He had a good review, a great one actually, and so we celebrated with pizza. It’s a little thing, ordering pizza, but we both like to do it and it seems like a treat every time to do it.

I had some ups and downs this week, and Josh was always there to celebrate the good things with me, and during the down times, to remind me that things wouldn’t always be this way. I tend to get very mad at him, because his favorite thing to say is “It will all work out” and sometimes that irritates the snot out of me. He’s learned now (after almost five years) to empathize with me first of all, but then to help me apply logic to realize that things generally do always work out.

Since share a car, most days Josh walks home from work. That way, I don’t have to just wait around for him to call me and he doesn’t feel like he has to come home at a certain time every night. This week though it was pretty cold and rainy all week, so I picked him up every day. It’s not difficult for me to do, but he appreciates it.

We also had a little date Friday night too – we just ran up to Starbucks and came home and watched a movie. A little thing, but still a lot of fun.

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