How We Made It Work

Week Five

This week was super emotional – understandably since our first ultrasound was Tuesday. It made for a stressful beginning of the week – but worth every single second.

When we’re both stressed, it’s sometimes hard to focus on the other person because you get so caught up in your own worries. Luckily, when we’re stressed, we both express it in different ways, so it makes a little bit easier to help the other person.

Josh has been fantastic this week with helping me out – he’s made a 9:00 p.m. run to Wendy’s for a frostie and we actually had McDonald’s for dinner on Friday night. It’s hard for him to totally relate to the baby – it still seems a bit abstract to him, which is understandable. He’s been so good though at not questioning me when I say I need ice cream or when I need a three hour nap!

I have been exhausted and not feeling very well, but I’ve still made an effort to keep up with my housework this week. It’s been hard, but I know a messy home will only make me feel worse. Also, I’ve been wearing “real” clothes every time he’s came home – no pajamas at five p.m.!

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