How We Made It Work

Week Six

This week was pretty much a repeat of last week – a stressful beginning, with a date night end.

Date night was probably the highlight of the week (besides knowing Poppy is okay.) We need a new couch and are kind of needing to redesign the house to accommodate the baby and still keep an office space and have space for at least one guest. So we went furniture looking and then had dinner on the patio at Central Market. We indulged in desert and spent a good hour after we were done just talking about our marriage and how we think the baby might impact us. It’s a lot of fun to have these conversations about our future.

I’m still amazed that a lot of couples go through counseling of some sort or other (either books or in person) before getting married, yet almost no one that I know of has gone through counseling when preparing to have a baby.

I’ve still be really exhausted and sickish this week – hopefully this will start to improve soonish and I’ll get back to being myself (and more regular blog posts!)

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