Weekends – WIPs and a Parade!

Today was the Houston Rodeo Run and Parade. Since Josh ran, I watched.

I also knitted.

And took lots of pictures.

A very tall Texan.

Here come the runners!

Yummy abs to the left.

Nipple rings dude? Really?

Points for coordination!

I don’t think this needs a comment.

There goes Josh! (in the red shirt. apparently I can take pictures of everyone but my husband.)

Bye bye runners!

Hello parade!

Pretty pink boots (she had a matching cowgirl hat too.)

Tubas are so funny.

Pretty horsie. I have about eleventybillion pictures of horses from today, but I won’t bore you with all of them.

She was very sparkly. I was jealousE.


I like puppies almost as much as I like horses.

Another puppy!

More horses! With matching socks!

These were ittie-bitties!

He just looks like a sheriff!

Not a happy cowboy.

They just make me laugh. Or see spots.

This makes me laugh too.

And you wonder why clowns scare the crap out of me?

I think she’s sulking because she doesn’t have a tiara. I would be.

Well yeehaw.

I’m a fan of all things Goya.

And of almost all things football player.

I had major sequin envy.

And then, I filled up the memory card. Something I could barely do in three weeks of Thailand, I did in less than two hours of a parade. Go figure.

If you’ve made it this far, here are some movies.

Yellow Rose of Texas by the U of H band.  Apparently the song is Deep in the Heart of Texas.  Josh says I’d know the difference if I participated more at the Astros’ games.

Some very loud drums.

Lots of horsies.

Dancing horsies!

(Update, youtube is being dysfunctional, movies to be added tomorrow.)

To see the ridiculous amount of pictures I took today, click here.

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3 Responses to Weekends – WIPs and a Parade!

  1. megan says:

    Ah, so that is why I couldn’t get to Macy’s this morning…

  2. Lauren says:

    Who *wouldn’t* have sequin envy after that display? Great pics!

  3. Beth says:

    Looks like a blast! I wish I lived in Texas. 🙂

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