This ain’t my first rodeo

But it was Josh’s and it was my first rodeo in Houston.

A few observations:

  • This is way less about the rodeo and way more about the concerts
  • I’d love to go on the night Fergie is performing, just to people watch
  • Fair food and rodeo food are pretty equal in yumminess
  • I’m very sad I missed the baby lambs being born – by like a mere hour
  • I do not know how people have the energy or money for season passes or even half season passes
  • We didn’t take a lot of pictures, as we were simply too busy actually watching the rodeo. We hope to go back at least once more and hopefully have some more pictures, but in the meantime, here’s what we’ve got.

    Funniest picture of the night – they had a live longhorn you could get your picture on. This kid was having nothing to do with that. It was hysterical.

    The opening ceremony

    Look at all the horsies!

    She was really sparkley.

    This wagon got stuck – which was pretty funny.

    To see all the pics from the rodeo, click here

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