Another good appointment yesterday

We had another great appointment yesterday – it was our NT scan/blood work. We don’t have a real genetic concern for doing the NT scan, but did it anyway as it was another chance to look at the baby.

It went so well and there will be a full review of the experience in my journal.

Poppy was so big and strong and so full of movement! Again, s/he had her hands up by her head – so much so that the tech had trouble getting one of the measurements she needed. It will be really interesting to see if she sticks with that hands by the head preference when she’s born.

The equipment was really high tech, but for some reason, the pictures aren’t as clear as my normal OB’s. Maybe because it was an abdominal ultrasound? Regardless, the pictures are still amazing to us and we’re unspeakably in love. Oh, we also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time – it’s true what everyone says – that it really is the most amazing sound in the world. I could feel my heart beating, but then to hear this other little heart inside of me just going along – pregnancy truly is a miracle.

Side body profile – head is at the right, with her little hand up by her face. You can actually see the beginning of her little fingers (the little whiteish nubs.) Her leg is bent at a 90 degree angle and you can see her foot up in the left hand part of the picture.

The scary ET baby photo. This is with her facing us – the big black spots are the two hemispheres of her brain starting to form. Her brain is huge!

Face profile. You can see her little nub of a nose looking up in the picture.  And I’m sorry Mom, but I’m afraid she has the Gibson witchy chin already!

We didn’t get a gender confirmation today – but I’m still sticking with girl. Even though I’m still buying only boy clothes and dreaming about boys.

Click here for Poppy’s ultrasound gallery (the ultrasounds from today are labeled with body parts in the gallery)

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