Bye bye little evil pills

Bye bye you little evil pills

Little peach colored bits of hades

Okay, so you are probably the reason I’ve carried Poppy safely so far, so I shouldn’t be too harsh.

But who know such a little thing could cause such misery.

I’m now out of the first trimester (yay) which means I can stop taking my progesterone (yay!) I just hope it’s the reason for all my morning sickness. It’s a lot easier to blame pills and a lot harder to blame the baby! I’m weaning off the nausea medication now, so we’ll see if my theory is correct in a few days or so.

We had another good appointment yesterday and got to hear Poppy’s heartbeat with the Doppler for the first time. It truly is the sweetest sound.

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One Response to Bye bye little evil pills

  1. Helen says:

    It could be. I kept taking the oral contraceptive pill for nearly 4 months of my pregnancy with Alex, and struggled with HEG- I’m sure the two were connected because I’ve never been as sick with any other pregnancy.

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