Weekends – Knitting

It feels like forever since I accomplished anything with my knitting. Hopefully some of this fabled second trimester energy will come visit me soon and I’ll get back in the swing of things.

In the meantime, so projects that I’ve finished in the past couple of months.

The big secret knitting project I was working on in January/February has been sent off and can finally be revealed.

It’s a knitting technique called double knitting my friend Megan taught me.

You can knit it with two colors and it will produce reverse images (you can also do it another way, which produces two identical items, like socks, but you only actually “knit” one. I haven’t gotten that advanced yet.)

Gracie is always such a willing model.

I also made a matching hat, which apparently, I forgot to photograph. Oh well.

Girlie hat

Boy hat

Unisex sweater (the above three items were made for a friend who didn’t yet know what she was having.)

I-cord edging on the sleeve

This may become a new favorite pattern

I’ve said before how I can’t leave a pattern alone, right?

That is what the sweater was supposed to look like. What can I say, I like to change things up.

Fun spring green hat for my step dad for Easter.

There are two other FOs, but I don’t have pictures of them yet, and I’m too lazy at the moment to get up and photograph them šŸ™‚

2008 FO count (this is projects started and finished in 2008): 8
Charity baby blanket
Charity baby hat
Hearts scarf (mom)
Hearts hat (mom)
Pink umbilical cord hat (Nicole)
Blue umbilical cord hat (Nicole)
Baby tunic with i-cord edging (Nicole)
Spring green hat (Tony)

Click here for my knitting album
Full details on my Ravelry page

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2 Responses to Weekends – Knitting

  1. Helen says:

    For the last twenty minutes I have heard nothing but
    Please stop using Gracie as a model, or come and teach my daughter what a scarf is? Gracie is very beautiful, btw, and so are the baby goodies…

  2. Libbie says:

    You are so smart and talented. I love the picture of Gracie.

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