I have the best friends and family

I really really do. And I have evidence!

From my amazing friend Brenda

Who knows what’s important.

From Cheryl

Really, does it get any cuter than that?!

From Beth who clearly knows her stuff!

A poppy dress! Which simply could not be any more perfect?

With bloomers!

It also came with instructions that if Poppy weren’t a girl

Gracie could wear it.

It might work best as a bonnet.

And from my awesome mother-in-law – cookies that are so, so good and so helpful!

It says “cookies for people”

But these guys can’t read.

Not to mention, so many amazing cards of support and love. It humbles me to know how loved Poppy already is and how supported we are as we go through this new adventure.

PS – yes the pups did get the cookies as treats. I’m not that mean. Although I am sick, and I guess this is how I amuse myself.

Click here for Nanuq’s album
Click here for Gracie Lou’s album

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2 Responses to I have the best friends and family

  1. Brenda says:

    You are so loved because you are such an amazing, awesome, fantastic woman! And Poppy is so loved because she is going to follow in your footsteps!


    P.S. You’re already a babe, but I thought you’d like the chapter on the nasty. 🙂

  2. Beth says:


    Gracie looks fabu in the dress/bonnet. I bet she is beyond thrilled I sent that. You know I love tormenting my own dogs. 🙂

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