Weekends – knitting for Poppy

I’m trying to be brave and optimistic, so I’ve started doing some little Poppy knitting.

First project, a hat!

2008 FO count (this is projects started and finished in 2008): 9
Charity baby blanket
Charity baby hat
Hearts scarf (mom)
Hearts hat (mom)
Pink umbilical cord hat (Nicole)
Blue umbilical cord hat (Nicole)
Baby tunic with i-cord edging (Nicole)
Spring green hat (Tony)
Loopy hat (Poppy)

Full details on my Ravelry page

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One Response to Weekends – knitting for Poppy

  1. Helen says:

    I forgot to tell you this, but halfway through my twin miscarriage I was cuddling a 6 week old baby girl called Poppy. Sweet, gorgeous, and she felt so good to hold- she even wore the same nappies as my kids did. She’s now a hefty 1yo, and when I heard your bump’s name I was reminded of her. I think things are going to work out for you.

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