New Couch

I got home just in time last week to take delivery of our new couch – yay!!

This is the old one – so long!

I have to say though, it has served us remarkably well. I bought it at the warehouse sale back when I worked for Restoration Hardware, for 10% of the selling price 🙂 It went from Baltimore, to Atlanta, to storage in Mississippi, to Indiana, then finally to Texas. But it was time for it to go.

Hello new couch!

It’s part of the Dr. Pitt collection by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and we are ridiculously pleased with it.

We needed a smaller scale sofa (the old one was 96″) but we also needed a sofa big enough for either one of our moms to sleep on – since Poppy is stealing the space where we used to unfold the air mattress.

This fits all of our needs perfectly.

It’s the Graham fabric

In Leaf. It’s really more of a lemongrass color though – than a true green leaf color. Either way, we love it. Despite the fact it clashes with the walls – which hopefully will be changing soon.

After some playing around this weekend though, we came up with a configuration that works perfectly for us.

The loveseat by itself, and the corner chair and ottoman together to make a chaise.

We also got a new entertainment center. (Which is really just the short expedit turned on it’s side, with some casters.)

So now all we need is a new coffee table, a new rug (the cowhide is destined for the nursery/office), some paint on the walls, and the pictures for the mantle that are ordered to be in, and the room will finally feel like a real room and less like we’ve hacked it together.

Thomas is the only animal allowed on the new furniture. You try keeping a cat off. It’s not possible.

Nanuq is not happy about this. That’s his very serious face.

And Gracie is, well, she’s just Gracie.

Click here for the full album of new couch pictures.

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One Response to New Couch

  1. Stacy says:

    Kat-I love it!!!!! We looked at a pit couch originally, but the one we found was too small (CB2) and we weren’t sure what the quality would be. Now you need one of those 1960s lights that comes from behind and arches over the couch or the chaise.

    I started a blog on here b/c I love seeing what ya’ll are up to, but I really haven’t gotten that far b/c of the end of the semester and job search. We are hipstersinchuckies.

    I am coming to Dallas after the semester is over, so once I get it together I will email. Maybe you can either come up or I can come see you.

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