Weekends – Knitting and the Beach

We decided to take a little trip out to Galveston this weekend. According to some, it’s almost a tragedy that we’ve lived here for almost a year and haven’t been yet. I wasn’t so concerned with the tragic aspect of it, but I had heard that it was a great place to take the pups.

So we loaded up, and off we went. I don’t believe it would be possible for us to have more fun than we did.

Please forgive my butt. What was I thinking wearing white shorts to the beach? Oh, I know what I was thinking. Full panel maternity shorts are ridiculously unattractive but amazingly comfortable.

Please note, I am not fat. I’m merely 20 weeks pregnant (yes, that’s halfway there!)

It was an overcast, windy day.

Clearly, it didn’t slow them down.

We did some digging.

Then laid in the hole we dug.

Gracie watched for seagulls.

She’s very diligent about her job.





So we packed up and came home.

More trips are definitely in our future.

I also did some knitting.

A hat for my dad. Okay, so it was supposed to be a birthday present. For his birthday in early March. But this time, it was truly out of my control. I lost TWO of my DPNs and it is impossible to knit a hat on just three DPNs. So it really wasn’t my fault after all.

Click here for all our pictures from Galveston.

2008 FO count (this is projects started and finished in 2008): 10
Charity baby blanket
Charity baby hat
Hearts scarf (mom)
Hearts hat (mom)
Pink umbilical cord hat (Nicole)
Blue umbilical cord hat (Nicole)
Baby tunic with i-cord edging (Nicole)
Spring green hat (Tony)
Loopy hat (Poppy)
Fishing hat (Daddy)

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