Notes from yesterday’s appointment

Most importantly, the money shot…

She is SUCH a girl!

Right now, she’s breech – but that of course doesn’t matter this early. Her head is up by my belly button, as evidenced by the fact last night she used my button as a punching bag! I’ve been having tenderness in my lower left side, and the tech couldn’t find anything wrong there (they were thinking it might be a fibroid.) However, while she was examining the area, Poppy wouldn’t stop kicking me there. So there’s a really good chance that tenderness is coming from being KICKED! Which just makes me laugh!

That’s the baby’s head. The big gray thing squishing her head is my placenta. It’s anterior, which shouldn’t be a problem. It might muffle some movements (but that hasn’t seemed to be a problem yet) and there’s a good chance it will rotate back before delivery.

This is the only other picture of her we have. Stinker was moving too much to get a good shot! We actually get another ultrasound at our 24 week appointment because the tech couldn’t get some measurements because Poppy wouldn’t be still.

Poppy has weight now – she weighs 400 grams which is 0.88 lbs. It’s so cool to think she actually has weight now!! She also was measuring about a week ahead in height – hopefully she’ll be tall and thin like her daddy!

So we go back in four more weeks for the gestational diabetes test (ick) and another ultrasound (yay!). Then it’s the 28 week appointment, and then we start appointments – wow! Time can’t go fast enough!

Click here for Poppy’s ultrasound gallery

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  1. Jessica D says:

    she is already gorgeous! đŸ˜€

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