Weekends – Good food and good knitting

We had such a good long weekend this past weekend – we didn’t really do anything but relax, and it was perfect.

This weekend was insanely hot – and I already am uncertain about how I’ll survive this summer. I think I’ve found one trick to help me though – granita. I made some last summer, and it will probably turn into a weekly treat this summer.

Flavor of the week – espresso

Two cups espresso

Half a cup of sugar

Ice bath to cool it down

Pop in the freezer, stir every thirty minutes and four to five hours later

The most delicious dessert.

Topped with fresh whipped cream

Ridiculously yummy

Recipe here.

I also got in some good knitting time and actually made something for myself for a change!

A felted needle case for my DPNs

I also worked on momma’s Monkey socks. I started these before Alaska and completed one while I was up there – but I wasn’t happy with several parts of the socks – the cast on, the heel, and they were too loose at the top. So I frogged them back and started all over. I’ve got one done now and I’m past the hell of the second one, so hopefully I’ll be done this week with the pair.

Momma picked the yarn out and I wasn’t too crazy about it – but it’s knitted up really nice!

Short row heel and toe this time. (And can I just add how hard it is to photograph feet – much less pregnant feet!)

If I have enough yarn left (and I think I will) Poppy might get a pair of her own!

Click here for the cooking album

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One Response to Weekends – Good food and good knitting

  1. megan says:

    That is an ingenious use of stitches!

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