Stubborn Lips

Is my new nickname for our daughter – after yesterday’s appointment.

It was our 24 week appointment and started off with an ultrasound. It was another Level II u/s, done because at the 20 week appointment, Poppy was being stubborn and wouldn’t show us her face. Anyone who has had an LII knows the measure every conceivable measurement and they just couldn’t get her lips and nose. We weren’t complaining though – it was just another chance to see our baby girl in our opinion.

Well guess what, she’s really, really stubborn. She’s still breech, and she was still covering her face. Except now her arms are longer, so we couldn’t see any of her face! The tech had me go to the bathroom, lay on my side, jiggle my belly and poke her – all of which just made her cross her arms more firmly over her face. The tech was even amused with how stubborn she is 🙂 Good news – she’s still a girl!! She also has both hands and both feet and we saw fingers and toes, although she was such a wiggle worm, it was too hard to count them. Maybe one of the coolest moments was watching her make grasping motions with her hands – I don’t know what it was so neat, but it almost brought tears to my eyes, just watching her little hands at work. She’s, she’s just such a little person already – it amazes me.

So after fifteen minutes or so, the tech was giving up and I told her I had my gestational diabetes test that day, and maybe all that nasty sugar soda would get her moving. So we were told to come back after my blood work and try again.

The doctor’s appointment part was totally normal. I only gained a pound since 20 weeks – yay – and I’m measuring about a week ahead (26 cm vs 24 cm) although that’s kind of a given since I’m so short. We got recommendations for some pediatricians (wow!) and instructions to go on and set up our hospital tour (double wow!). Other than that, everything is totally normal and progressing along. I’ll have my 28 week appointment in four weeks, then after that, we go to every two weeks!

I drank the nasty soda and had my blood work done – it left me feeling just kind of ick, but fainting or other horrid side effects. Then back to the ultrasound room.

I told the tech that I had just felt Poppy’s hands move off her face. Her head/face is to the upper right (my right) of my belly button. Her spine is along the right side of my stomach and her bottom is way down on the right. So I feel all her little kicks to the bottom left of my belly button. I had just felt her little hands push on the upper left side, so we quickly got the picture up, and sure enough, her hands were gone! (Josh had gone back to work at this point since the hour visit was now coming up on hour three so he missed seeing her beautiful face.) She still has a really cute nose – and apparently, she now has developed Angelina Jolie lips. !!

The tech got the measurements she needed and we spent a long while watching her heart beat as well – which is just incredible. She’s in perfect health and is just a perfect baby – despite being insanely stubborn. Which, I have no idea where she gets that from. No idea at all.

Now for the fun part – pictures! Let me start by saying, I have an anterior placenta and so that’s the big grey blob in the pictures. And no, she won’t smother on it (my mom’s concern) since babies don’t actually breathe via their mouths yet.

The tech kept saying she was kissing the placenta – and it sure looks like that to me. Although, my dad had also made a face he called “fish lips” his whole life, so maybe that face is genetic and she’s practicing it here. You can see her spine here really well.

Spine and ribs, and bouncing down from the placenta little bit.

And the Angelina Jolie shot – look at those lips!! Still the cute button nose too. What’s also really neat about this picture is that the white line horizontally along her middle is her humerus and the the two black lines running vertically through the middle of the picture are her radius and ulna (I think I remember my human anatomy correctly.) Pretty cool 🙂

So that’s our sweet baby girl – stubborn lips 🙂

Click here for Poppy’s ultrasound gallery

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One Response to Stubborn Lips

  1. Libbie says:

    So,so cute. Just saw the pics. Has to be the most precious little thing I have seen in a long time
    Love you all ms L

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