Weekends – Knitting, et al

My parents were in town this week for a great, great visit. It’s the first time my dad and step-mom have been to Houston, so it was good fun showing them around a bit. It’s always fun to have visitors – especially when they are so easygoing as my parents are. The highlight of the visit (besides just seeing them)

This. Seeing our sweet, sweet baby girl’s face in 3D. A big Poppy smile!

Sticking out her little tongue.

I didn’t think I’d be so affected by seeing her face – but I really was. It’s just amazing, she’s so very real now in ways she just wasn’t before. I wish I could just have a little window to watch her whenever I want – she was so busy in there!

To see the whole album of pictures, click here.

It was really special to have my parents here for this as well – I think it’s the first time my dad has seen any live action of any of his grandkids (I think my step mom has been to a few ultrasounds) and it was just so neat to share this with them. The entire session was also put on DVD, so it will be nice to share it with Josh’s parents when we go to Atlanta in a few weeks.

I managed to get a bit of knitting done, although not much.

Tony’s socks are done

And I started a pair of footies for mom. Hopefully the sock package will go out to them by the end of the week – I’m jonesing to start on some things for Poppy, but I won’t let myself start a new project until everything I have on the needles now is a finished object.

Full details of knitting on my Ravelry page

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One Response to Weekends – Knitting, et al

  1. Andrea says:

    Horray for Poppy!!!! Jumping over from MDC (gretasmommy there) to check out your blog – and I am so excited to see her face! How wonderful!

    And I love the socks!

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