Weekends – Guess What? More Socks!

Another weekend, another sock post.

I finished mom’s footies

But I’m going to keep them for Christmas. I had grand intentions of doing all my Christmas knitting already, but I keep giving the things I’m making away!

I had another skein of this same yarn left over, so I made a pair for myself.

I’m calling these my l&d socks. We did our hospital tour last week and of course, the l&d wing was quite chilly. So I figured some nice comfy socks will come in handy.

I also started a pair of pants for Poppy – these are so much fun to knit!

Please notice the awesome stitch marker – made by my friend Lexie who is awesome at making these!

For something non-sock, non-knitting related.

We’ve finally started working on the nursery space. Poppy will have to share the room with the office (it’s going to stay as is) but she shouldn’t mind.

Gracie demonstrates where the crib will go. We ordered the crib this weekend and it should be in within a week. But the next few weeks will be crazy busy for us, so don’t expect any progress for quite a while.

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One Response to Weekends – Guess What? More Socks!

  1. Lexie says:

    oooo I am sooooo happy that you like your stitch markers!! They look FABULOUS up against that pretty pink yarn!!

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