Weekends – Now For Something New!

Look what I did this weekend

Something that’s not knitting!

I bought two sewing patterns this week and I tried this one out today. It’s so cute and so simple. When I showed mom the pattern, guess what she did? Cried. Imagine that! But she said she made me countless dresses just like that one.

The pattern is so easy, the next time I break out the machine, I think I’ll cut three or four at a time. The cutting really is the hardest part of it.

I made a 6-9 month size. It’s been harder than I thought to buy seasonally appropriate clothes – Houston really doesn’t have much of a winter, so I’ve been doing mostly lightweight, summer things. The only winter (and it’s not even really heavy winter) things I’ve been buying at 3-6 months. Assuming a fairly normal growth pattern for Poppy, she’ll be in that size December through February. I’m trying not to make too many things though – I fear I’ve misjudged her size and the seasons and I’ll end up with a wardrobe full of handmade clothes she’ll never wear!

It was a long weekend, so of course I did do some knitting.

Poppy’s pants are finished and I’m so pleased with them!

They’re so cute and it was so much fun to knit – I’m sure she’ll have several pairs.

Plus, how can you resist the little bell bottoms? I’m already planning on ruffles for the next pair.

Look, a weekend knitting post without a single pair of socks!

Full details of knitting on my Ravelry page

Click here for my sewing album

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3 Responses to Weekends – Now For Something New!

  1. Kathy says:

    adorable! you are so talented!

  2. judy says:

    I love your doll! Great job.

    Did you use a pattern for her?
    Finding a stuffed doll pattern is not so easy these days.

  3. Barbara says:

    I think Poppy is going to be a very well-dressed young lady !!

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