Weekends – Baby Shower (from a male point of view)

I still can’t actually get Josh to blog, but this is the second best thing. It also demonstrates what happens when men come to baby showers and you give the camera to your brother-in-law to take pictures. Expect lots of pictures of things guys don’t really know a lot about (i.e. bumbos and boppys) and lots of pictures of me with my neck veins popping out and manic smiles on my face. Sincere, very happy smiles, but somehow they translate into manic on camera. (Thanks for the sweet photos Chris!)

Morgan explains the pictures she drew in our card. According to her, we live in a circus tent, which we could totally get on board with, minus the clowns.

Josh’s job – hold the gift and smile big.

Boys don’t really take baby presents seriously

This was not posed at all

We both appear confused by baby towels

Josh is thrilled by Granny H’s gift!

I’m pretty sure this is an inappropriate picture

Abby does a fabulous job – soon she’ll learn to be a slacker like the rest of us so we don’t actually have to “work”

We’ve perfected the eternal smile

He really approves of this outfit, despite the fact he’s holding it backwards. In his defense, he says that all his buttons go to the front of his clothes. He’ll soon learn there’s no rhyme or reason for girl clothes.

I don’t think this needs explanation.

I’m explaining to him what the front of the dress should look like and that in this case, the buttons go to the back

Sorry Mrs Gail – but Josh is not amused by this gift

Bob clearly has estrogen overload

Look – a photo album – something he can actually identify!

Wrong idea

Right idea (although a little frightening)

Sometimes excited about a present = crazy pregnant woman look



Despite the pictures, we had a very, very lovely time at the shower and visiting with family. Poppy got a ridiculous amount of clothes – all adorable – and we can’t wait for her to be here to start using everything!

click here for the rest of the Atlanta shower album.

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One Response to Weekends – Baby Shower (from a male point of view)

  1. momma says:

    wow…looks like fun was had by all!
    I’m sorry i had to miss it but you know my best wishes were there.
    can’t wait till september to see all your neat baby stuff…and of course see our poppie!

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