30 Week Update

We had our thirty week appointment today – we’re on visits every two weeks now!

Poppy and I are both doing fine – she’s measuring right on target and I’ve only gained 11.5lbs – yay for both of us!

It can sometimes seem annoying to go to these visits where nothing “big” happens, but I have to say, I love hearing her heartbeat so much!

Only ten/eleven more weeks until she’s here – that’s kind of unbelievable!

There aren’t any pictures of me standing up from the shower, so here’s one from twenty-eight weeks

Which, by the way, I look so much like my mom, it’s kind of scary!

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3 Responses to 30 Week Update

  1. lafletcher80 says:

    You look fantastic! I can’t believe Poppy will be here so soon!!

  2. joaniepugh says:

    You look gorgeous! Love that shirt, BTW!

  3. momma says:

    scary…what are ya trying to say dear ONLY daughter o mine?!?!?

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