Weekends – not a lot of updates

Well, there are a lot of updates as we’ve been quite busy lately, but we’re still pretty deep in mourning around here. We’ve had some good, fun things going on, but I don’t think I can give them the proper recap right now, so they’ll just have to wait for a bit.

There’s just so much that sucks about losing a pet, especially one as cool and unique as Thomas.

We get uninterrupted late morning sleep now.. He used to, about 8:00 a.m., come jump on our bed, get right in Josh’s face, and just flat out yell at us. Then he’s spring off the bed, sprint out of the room and make wild and crazy (and loud!) laps around the house for about five minutes, before settling down. We’d rather have our alarm clock back.

I can leave my yarn out now without fear of him eating an entire skein of it. I’d rather have to put it up though.

We can open the windows without fear of him seeing the neighborhood cats and trying to make a break for it through the screens. We’d rather have to close the windows now.

We saw two roaches yesterday. ::shudder:: We had no idea he was such an industrious little kitty. We’d like to be roach free again (even if we did have to clean up roach induced puke.)

We don’t have little snags on our new couches from him making biscuits while he sat in our lap. We’d rather have to buy new slipcovers now.

I was unpacking baby stuff yesterday and left the Boppy sitting on the ground. It was so odd to come back into the room two hours later and not see that Thomas had made it his personal property. Lord knows I made that cat so many beds trying to lure him into being a sweetly dozing kitty, but he turned up his nose at those! He preferred things like shoes to sleep on, not hand knit beds. He like towels we let drop on the floor, boxes we left open, apparently anything but what I made him.

We just miss him so much, and every morning we wake up, we can’t believe he’s not here with us.

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One Response to Weekends – not a lot of updates

  1. Jill says:

    I’m so sorry you and Josh are going through this. Thomas was such a pretty kitty

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