I should just move into the doctor’s office

FOUR doctor visits in the last two days! Granted, one of them was just for blood work, but still required an office visit. Here’s what I’ve been up to …

Yesterday I went to the new dermatologist for my consultation about the basal cell carcinoma. I just had a lot of questions for her and I think the nurse got tired of answering them, so she set me up this consultation. The doctor gave me three options:

1. A cream that would cause the spot to fall off. But she didn’t recommend that as it could take a long time to work and she didn’t know about the interactions of the cream and pregnancy and nursing.

2. Mohs surgery – which she specializes in – but she though in my case that would be overkill because the spot is pretty small.

3. Scrape and burn which is exactly what it sounds like. It has a higher recurrence rate that the Mohs – but not by much. The advantage is that she could do it that day. The only possible side effect is that the numbing cream she told me could cause contractions. I told her if it sent me into labor – she’d be my new best friend!

So we opted for Option #3 and got it taken care of yesterday! It’s nice to have it all done with and not to worry about it any more. It didn’t even need stitches and today, it’s not even sore. I just need to keep it covered and keep Neosporin on it until it heals, which should be about three or four weeks from now. I have a follow up with my regular dermatologist in three months and hopefully it will all be gone and we won’t have to deal with this anymore.

Then it was to my endocrinologist’s office for blood work. Now that they want to see me once a week, it means I actually have to go twice. Once for the blood work, and another time to discuss the results. Fun, fun. The lab tech did an awful job taking my blood – she’s so hit or miss on it.

Today was my 36 week OB appointment and it went pretty much normal. Poppy had a super strong heart rate of 154 and they did my GBS cultures. We’re measuring on schedule and she looks great. For the third visit though, my blood pressure was high. Combined with my insane weight gain in the past two weeks and the swelling in my feet and legs, they’re just a wee bit concerned. So now, I’m on “couch rest” with instructions to have my feet up more than they are down, take it as easy as possible and drink a lot of water. They’ll see me every three to four days now for BP checks until we get an idea if this is stress related or physical.

I’m so thankful I don’t work now – going to the doctors has become a full time job!

Oh – I’ve updated my pictures over on the pregnancy page – I can’t believe I’ll still get bigger!

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