And we’re home!

With the baby still firmly tucked in my belly!

We decided (along with our doctor and nurse practitioner) that it is/was simply too risky to attempt any induction measures today.

We did ask about a full fledged induction with Pitocin, which would assure she’d be here today, and the doctor was like, nope, no way, you just aren’t ready for it and it would only lead to a c-section. (Let me just say, this is why I absolutely love and adore my doctor and why it’s so important to research your OB. I can’t imagine, especially in the birth climate here in Houston, many other doctors saying no to a patient’s request for an induction because her body wasn’t ready. Dr. Zepeda is just amazing.)

Our chances with Prepidil were about 1 in 15 of going into immediate labor, 1 in 8(ish) of going into labor within 24 hours and 1 in 3 or 4 of going into labor within 48 hours. Combine the 1 in 4 chance with the impact barometric pressure can have on inducing labor, and we just weren’t comfortable with the chances it gave of us of having to go to the hospital at potentially the worst time.

So they monitored Popster and I for about an hour – we both did great – and sent us home. Her heart rate was wonderful (it was really neat – she was asleep when we got settled in and it was pretty cool to see her rates change as she woke up and got active) and my blood pressure was amazingly low. As in, the lowest it’s been in well over six weeks.

The new plan is now to wait out the hurricane. If it sends me into labor, then so be it, it was clearly meant to happen this way. If it doesn’t, then we’re heading back up to the hospital on Monday morning at 8:30 again for Prepidil. Depending on my blood pressure and how well Poppy is doing, we’ll be given until either Tuesday or Wednesday morning to go into labor on our own. If we don’t go into labor, then one of those days will be (more than likely) a full fledged induction.

So the great news is that we are both healthy and we have four or five extra days now to do things naturally and she has a great chance of picking her own birthday 🙂

In return for not having baby pictures to share or a more exciting update, will you settle for two videos of her heartbeat?

(You may need to turn the volume up a bit)

Oh, and an update on the hurricane. As things stand, it’s making landfall at the worst possible place for Houston, but it also isn’t strengthening as rapidly as they predicted either. There is no reason at all to worry about our safety during the hurricane. We live in what FEMA calls a “zone x” (Areas of minimal flood hazard from the principal source of flood in the area and determined to be outside of the 0.2 percent annual chance floodplain) so flooding is of no concern to us. We also live in a solid brick duplex, so our biggest wind danger comes from things breaking the windows, not from any structural damage. Our biggest concern is just after the storm and being with out power. But given our new baby plan, it looks like we’ll be spending two to three days in the hospital and perhaps our power will be back on by then. If not, and if it looks like power is out for a while, we’ll pack up and head to my parents out of state. So we’re as safe as you can be in a hurricane! And for the best hurricane coverage around, SciGuy is amazing.

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3 Responses to And we’re home!

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m so happy to hear the good news!

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the update. I loved listening to her heartbeat !!!


  3. hipstersinchuckies says:


    Glad to hear you are all safe and sound. Brock just came home & said they might be evacuating Houston–my first thought was ya’ll. If for any reason ya’ll need to leave & going back towards MS would be dangerous, you are all welcome in Lubbock. My family is also on Dallas (a much shorter trip).

    Stay safe! Love, Stacy

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