Picture Time

Pitocin is still dripping and my contractions are starting – but still pretty pansy. About four minutes apart I think and so far, Popster is doing great.

To make up for being boring….pictures!

The only damage we had was that the dry wall in our ceiling came down. What happened is that our upstairs neighbor instead of a front door like we have, she has a balcony door. Well whoever designed the balcony forgot to put drainage in the floor. So, when you have a hurricane that dumps a mass amount of rain, you get standing water. So the water came in under her door (she was staying with friends), soaked through her floorboards (she has hardwood floors too) and accumulated in our dry wall. When there was enough, boom, it all fell.

Looking like this.

Thank heavens, we had already noticed our windows leaking (they faced the back side of the storm) and moved the furniture out of the way, so nothing was damaged.

The view out of our front door.

We’re so, so thankful that the tree fell away from our house.

Or we would have looked like our neighbor across the street. I do have to say – thanks to living in an awesome old neighborhood where 95% of the houses are made of solid brick, all that was damaged was their roof – their house itself is okay.

Our backyard was just littered with debris – and since we still don’t have power – I had to read outside.

So we made friends with the stray cat that somewhat lives upstairs. We get bored.

Gracie has a new best friend. Well…obsession really.

Nanuq just wants his a/c back.

Josh went on an exploratory walk – this is not supposed to be covered in water.

This is what happens when you build an underground garage 50 feet away from a bayou

The full moon that failed to dislodge Poppy.

And when the sun goes down and we have no lights how do we amuse ourselves?

We play Risk by candlelight.

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One Response to Picture Time

  1. Barbara says:

    Great that you can keep us up to date via this site !!! I’ll be thinking of you and checking for updates as the day goes on.

    Just think ! You and Josh will be meeting your daughter in a few hours .


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