Two Weeks Old

How is this even possible that my little pumpkin pie is already two weeks old?

We celebrated (if you will) with a visit to the pediatrician yesterday (hence the prick on her heel.) She’s still losing weight, so we’ve been instructed to keep nursing as much and as often as we like, but to follow up every feeding with as much formula as she wants.

We’ll go back for another weight check on Friday and hopefully she will have turned into a little porker. As it is, she’s just a peanut now. And other than that, she’s in perfect health. Particularly her lungs, the pediatrician said.

I had my one week discharge visit with my OB on Monday as well. Can I tell you how weird it was to go into his office with a baby in my arms instead of in my belly?

I’m healing very well, but still on weight lifting restrictions and such. Hey, as long as they keep telling me I can’t vacuum, I’m not complaining.

On a side note, please note how her diaper coordinates with her super cute outfit. Super cute outfit is courtesy of Aunt Bregitte and Brick who best get reproducing themselves.

Josh has gone with us to all our visits – he’s such an awesome dad and husband.

And when Marion is like this

Nothing calms her more than being like that.

If you could bottle up how I feel when I see moments like this and force everyone to drink it, you’d get instant world peace.

Letters to my daughter – week two

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3 Responses to Two Weeks Old

  1. Lexie says:

    Kat, she’s so freaking cute! And it looks like she’s got some red hair!!!! I can’t wait to finally meet the little one and get to hold her!!

    Ya’ll are great parents!! Congrats to you again!

  2. Krista says:

    Oh my goodness, how sweet and precious! I love the story you tell with the pictures, too!

    • This book is the ONLY one I needed, although I had others including the terrible “What to Expect” book. This book is a treat to read. Dr. Sears takes a positive approach so there’s none of that alarmist tone that tends to find its way into so many books and conversations around the pregnant woman.By the time it was “D-Day” for me, I truly believed that my delivery would go well and that I was ready for it. As a first time mom, I needed the affirmations found throughout this book that my body would do what it was supposed to do, and that I would be strong enough to go with whatever the day brought. The emphasis is on non-intervention and “natural” childbirth, but all of the possible interventions are discussed as well. Dr. Sears also writes about how interventions happen to the unsuspecting mom, and how to avoid them. I found it very empowering to have some information to bring to my doctor when discussing issues such as epidurals and episiotomy. I felt my positions regarding these personal choices were more respected because I had the information to back up my feelings. The monthly format of the book is great. It’s one of the few books I’ve found which treats the ninth month as the 8 week “month” it really can be. I highly recommend this book to others and think it would make a great gift, too, since it’s not preachy.

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