Look at what we’ve got here!

A belly button!! Her cord fell off this morning and she now has the cutest little button – yay!

Too bad Uncle Chris had to miss it. He was in town for work and came by for dinner last night. Aunt Abby, all we can say is, he has a lot to learn 🙂

She’s pretty happy about having a button too.

On a side note, don’t let people fool you about cloth diapering. It’s not about reduce, reuse, recycle or saving the environment or any of that stuff. Internets, it’s about the sheer cute overload of cloth diapers. Seriously, the froggie print? Such cuteness should not be allowed. (Now I just need the celery dots and flower prints too.)

Marion thinks she’s pretty cute too.

Red hair much?

Gratuitous momma and baby shots

We’re both smiling so much because we went back to the pediatrician today – and she gained 5 ounces in two days! So she’s up to 7lbs 9 ounces now! Dr. Allison was thrilled with her progress and even Josh and I can see a change in her in just 48 hours. We’ve (Josh and I) have had some our first big parenting talks and think we’ve come up with a feeding schedule/solution that works for our family. Gosh, it feels so adult having talks like this.

But least you think we’re too grown up, we still do things like this.

Which has led to one of her many nicknames – Monkey Face.

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2 Responses to Look!

  1. ashley says:

    you are doing so well at being a momma! i too had problems with breastfeeding in the beginning – it was awful!
    just wanted to let you know that whatever works for you is what is best for your baby –
    and congrats to marion on the 5 ounce weight gain!
    ashley allen williams

  2. Lauren says:

    You look fabulous, Kat! And look at that little button! Squeee!

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