Weekends – Knitting, Football and Cuteness

First up – knitting for Marion!

I actually got gauge on this project! And knitted it in a 0-3 size.

Only to find out that because it’s a Debbie Bliss pattern, it’s huge.

Oh well, it was a really easy pattern and I had yarn to use up.

Then on to football!

I believe in starting them out on the right path at an early age. Go Gators!

And for the cuteness …

You probably can’t see it, but her outfit says “Baby-saurus”

And unless she’s asleep or in the sling, this child is in constant motion!

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6 Responses to Weekends – Knitting, Football and Cuteness

  1. Brenda says:

    OMGosh, she’s so adorable, and she’s getting so big!!

    :::blowing kisses to Marion:::


  2. Jen says:

    so cute! i love the sleeper! you should check this out if you like the gators…


  3. Barbara says:

    I think Marion is really showing her personal likes and dislikes at this point. She is so precious. I know you and Josh will be tremendous parents . I am so anxious to see her when you’re here at Christmas. Thanks again for sharing on your blog.


    Great Grannie H

    P.S. Hope her hair continues to be your color !!!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    I need you to teach me how to knit cute things like that! I only do blankets because it is just straight row after straight row! I would love to learn how to do socks or little sweaters! How did you learn?

  5. Libbie says:

    love the pictures so much! I miss her so much! So lucky that I could be w/all of you Love you Ms.Libbie

  6. queenB says:

    i enjoyed viewing the pictures of sweet marion. we’re able to watch her grow through this site. thanks kati and josh!

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