What Two Months Looks Like

What two months of being a family of three looks like

It looks like bottles that always need washing, especially when you need one

It looks like clothes that don’t even make it out of the dryer now

It looks like lots and lots of coffee

It looks like diapers on the line

It looks like puppies that feel ignored

It looks like spending lots and lots and lots of time in the sling

It looks like a bed that is never made

It looks like sleepy time with momma

It looks like bedtime stories with daddy

It looks like big yawns

it looks like constant motion

It looks like the first road trip

It looks like a first holiday

It looks like sitting up like a big girl in the stroller

It looks like hair that is definitely red

It looks like puppies that want to play with baby toys

It looks like having long talks with the owls

It looks like hanging out with our friends

It looks like joy

Letters to my daughter, month two

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2 Responses to What Two Months Looks Like

  1. jenn says:

    i have the same resto quilt. good times at RH #43.

  2. Aww, she is too cute! She looks so alert and active for 2 months. No wonder she is leaving a trail of chores in her wake!

    Miss keeping in touch with you at MDC. Hope you are feeling well, it looks like your family life is going great.

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