Weekends – Growing up and getting out

Miss M is now two months old and time for our monthly pictures!

Yay for being two months old!

It’s hard to tell she’s grown when she insists on being like a frog!

Maybe she’s not so happy about being two months old 😦

If you’ve ever wondered how I get her bows to stick ….

She likes it when he whispers sweet nothings – he likes it when she dribbles formula down the side of her neck

This might be one of my new favorite pictures

I think this is the first picture of all three of our babies

On Sunday, we took a walk downtown to the Via Colori festival.

It’s a street chalk art festival!

How amazing is that?

The colors were incredible

I think this was one of Josh’s favorites

This little guy was just a tiny part of a really large picture

This one is just gorgeous

This was probably the largest and most impressive one there

Marion wore one of her little Thanksgiving outfits

Hey – I’m no turkey!

Sweet little baby feet (that are actually quite enormous!)

She can hold her head up so well now!

Then it was bath time

She learned how to splash! Although it scared her at first 🙂

She’s also getting quite vocal! (Please ignore how ridiculous I sound on video.)

And proof of how big she’s gotten …

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2 Responses to Weekends – Growing up and getting out

  1. Barbara says:

    ADORABLE !!!!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Look at those LASHES!! Such a beautiful little person.

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