Weekends – the extended version

First, I suck. We do not have a single picture of Miss M on her first Thanksgiving and not a single picture of her with her GranMan or Belle-Mere. Marion decided a long holiday weekend and having visitors was the *perfect* time to have a growth spurt and throw fits. In fact, she decided an hour before Thanksgiving dinner was the best time ever to just scream and refuse to go to sleep. So we have fond memories, but no pictures šŸ™‚

Other than the occasional bout of being possessed, we actually had a lovely visit with Josh’s dad and step mom. We even took advantage of their offer and left Marion for the first time – EVER. Eep – that was a big step for all parties involved!

I don’t have any pictures of her actually on Thanksgiving day

But that is her in her super cute Thanksgiving day dress

I might have managed to screw up documenting meeting one set of grandparents for the first time and her first Thanksgiving, but there is no way was I going to miss documenting her first Florida vs Florida State game.

The cuteness is overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’m certain her cheering is what contributed to the thorough beatdown the ‘noles received.

And we capped off a long weekend with another first

Her first bubble bath!

And she learned to splash!

I’ll try to do better with Christmas pictures …

Speaking of which

About 1% of my holiday knitting is complete. :/

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2 Responses to Weekends – the extended version

  1. Jen says:

    OMG – you can see how tiny she is in that movie. Soooo sweet!

  2. Barbara says:

    She gets cuter by the day ! I love her monogrammed outfit.

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