Social Butterfly

The Little Miss is already a social butterfly at the ripe old age of twelve weeks! We had two “engagements” this week and we both had a lot of fun at them.

First up was playgroup at our house. I’m part of a local mom’s group here in Houston and we just got Playgroup Seven (for babies September 2008 – March 2009) up and running. We hosted the first meeting and it was a blast seeing all of the moms and babies!

She was all festive for the occasion, thanks to Papa and Granny Chris for the outfit.

The little green thing in her lap is what most people call a “lovey” but apparently Josh used to call them “dahs” so that’s her froggie dah. The past couple of weeks she’s really started to be interested in toys and has really developed her ability to grab things. The froggie is certainly one of her favorite items – and it goes straight into her mouth like everything else.

And on Thursday we had our weekly Birth Babies and Beyond meeting – this week it was our holiday party.

Momma and baby

With our friends Robin and Anastasia – and no, the girls aren’t twins. Robin and I get a kick of it when we’re out in public and get asked this question!

And we had our first momma/baby crafting project

A footprint angel!

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