Weekends – Houston Half Marathon

It was a gorgeous day for watching a race – but a bit too warm for running, at least according to Josh. He still did awesome, at least to me. His chip time was 1:40:50 and the clock time was 1:41:27. His overall place was 462 / 8434 and his division place was 52 / 465. Pretty outstanding I think! Perhaps all of his success can be attributed to this

How could you not run faster after seeing all that cuteness?

On a side note, I think her blue eyes are turning brown now.

We started out the morning at one point, but due to a technical snafu, missed seeing Josh run by. Luckily, we live in the center of a kind of course loop, so it was really easy to go to another spot to see him. The second spot turned out even better for viewing as there were a lot less spectators. We could see Josh coming from a good distance away, so I was able to get some decent pictures for once.

He’s in the grey shirt in the middle lane back towards the back

Grey shirt, green number

Uhoh -where’s he going?

He’s heading straight for us!

He took a brief detour to give us a quick kiss and he’s off again!

And here’s a video of the lead marathoner coming through at mile 7 (I think this is the guy that ended up winning it)

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One Response to Weekends – Houston Half Marathon

  1. Jen says:

    I think she’s starting to look like you a lot more!

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