Four Months Old!

(Yes, I’m a week behind with this post. Oh well.)

New this month, attempting to put entire fist into mouth. Has not yet succeeded.

Also new this month, the addition of roll #3 to her thighs

Much improved this month, her ability to grasp items

And put them straight into her mouth.

Silly, silly widget

We’re not kidding about the straight into the mouth bit

Despite the coloring in this photo, her eyes are still blue. Dark, dark navy blue, but still blue.

Well hello Mr Bear!

Well hello Nanuq!

One of my favorite things about having a baby who does not yet understand object permenance is her perpetual amazement at how her favorite things keep coming back!

Her version of “petting” Nanuq

(Click the photo to see the larger version)

Letter to my daughter – month four

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