Weekends – Bad Baking, Good Knitting

Despite having the cutest little baking helper, my baking went all awry this weekend.

When Josh and I were talking about new year’s resolutions, he simply said “I’d like more fruit pies please.” So I said, okay, I’ll bake one a month and bake it every weekend if I have to in order to get it perfect.

This recipe comes from my cousin Angie and it’s a well love family recipe that I’ve made before. So I thought, I don’t need to make this until the very end of the month! No baking it every weekend trying to reach perfection, I know how to make apple pie. Famous last words, right?

I made my pie crust in what has now become my baking signature. Not because I love it so much, but because I still don’t have a pie pan. Haha! I thought to myself. I’m miles ahead of where I was last time I made the pie.

See last time I made the pie, I misread the recipe and interpreted the “topping” as “pie crust.” You can imagine how that turned out.

The apples were gorgeous. And I had five. Can you tell me how many apples the recipe card calls for? Three or four right? So if you were doubling the recipe, you’d need six or eight. Not five. Yet for some reason, I thought five apples would be enough for doubling the recipe.

So far, looks good.

Yummy, right?

Not so much. Runny pie, undercooked apples (I didn’t give any additional baking time either.) And forgetting to melt the butter before adding it to the crumb topping ingredients resulted in burnt flour and puddles of melted butter. We’ll see what sitting in the fridge overnight does for it. Guess this will be moving into February’s pie of the month as well.

In other news, my knitting turned out fabulous!

Never hurts to have a super cute model either!

The Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap and Leg Warmies.

She’s trying to figure out how to get them into her mouth.

What, I’m not supposed to eat them?


The hat pattern is ridiculously cute and super easy, even allowing for starting over three times to get my gauge right.

I also added an i-cord trim to it and i-cord ties

This is what happens when you have a mom that knits

Everything matches!

Her new thing last week, putting her feet in her mouth.

Or trying to at least!

She’s such a little widget!

Also new this weekend, graduating up to a back carry in the mei tai!

What a big girl!

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3 Responses to Weekends – Bad Baking, Good Knitting

  1. Barbara says:

    Marion is so pretty, and looks like she has grown so much since Christmas. I enjoyed seeing all of you then and hope you enjoyed your trip to Atlanta.

    Grannie (Great – Grannie ) Hughes

  2. lafletcher80 says:

    Seriously, could Miss M be any cuter??? I love the little hat and leg warmers!

  3. Libbie says:

    She is sooo cute. Wish I could hold her. Love ya,Ms Libbie

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