Weekends – Family Time

This weekend was nice and boring – just the way we like them! The weather was gorgeous as well, so we spent lots of time outdoors, just being a family together.

Mar and Daddy practiced standing up

This is a totally goofy picture of her – but look at that big round belly!

Then they practiced in the grass

We tried to take a picture together, but she was too distracted by the grass

Or was too busy trying to poke me in the cheek

But that’s okay, because I got to give her kisses

Then she tried to give me some

And succeeded in licking me.

I guess I don’t taste very good :/

The best we could do at a family picture 🙂

I also redid the apple pie from last week. But this time without the crust because I can make a pie crust in my sleep. Plus, I was hit with the Texas funk and was too lazy to make a crust this weekend. So technically, it was apple crisp or crumb or whatever you call apple pie without a crust. And it was so good, this is the only picture I could get.

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One Response to Weekends – Family Time

  1. Jill says:

    she is growing up so fast! We got our card – thanks so much for thinking of us. I won’t get around to that this year – too much going on, but know that I send our love anyway!!!!

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