Weekends – YeeHaw on many accounts

We had quite a bit of excitement this weekend, so lets get right to it!

Papaw and Marme came to visit us again, along with Mamaw.

We went to the zoo, again. I’m telling you, this membership is the best thing we’ve bought.

Marion didn’t exactly want to cooperate for pictures

But we made her. Please note the next installment of white trash baby. No socks and shirt pulled up to her armpits.

Yeehaw! The second bit of excitement was the fact that the rodeo is in town!

Please, no comments that she looks totally natural in a cowboy hat. I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the fact she was actually born in Texas.

Unfortunately, Josh and I didn’t get into the rodeo spirit like Marion did. That, and Gymboree wasn’t selling cowboy hats in adult sizes. By the way, next year you can be sure she’ll have matching pink boots.

This is the best seat in town

As an aside, this child’s drool is getting out of control. Teething signs for two months now and still not a single hint of a tooth.

We might have to stop taking her when she’s older

How many parents heard “Daddy I want a pony” nonstop for the next 48 hours after seeing how cute they are?

He’s extremely excited about the parade

All the excitement clearly got to her.

I have to admit, I wanted to be one of these riders.

And I might have said “Husband, can I have a pony?” more than once.

Josh might have said “Wife, can I have a pony that comes with a sword?” after seeing this guy.

These guys looked like the Santa Claus Express

And I’d rather have Miss M asking for a pony rather than a Lone Star shirt.

And Yeehaw #3 will probably be posted about daily this week, as we’ve started solid foods! But more on that as the week goes on.

In POTM (that would be Pie Of The Month) news, this is what is left of February’s pie.

That’s right, nothing. Gone in one night.

Banana Cream Pie. This isnt’ the exact recipe I used, since the recipe I used came out of her Baking Handbook, but it’s close enough. (Also, if someone could explain to me how she can have ten different pie recipes for the exact same pie, I’d be grateful. Despite the fact that this calls for real custard (not instant pudding) it was surprisingly easy to make. Although, in true Martha fashion, it’s important to read all the way through the recipe before beginning so that you dont’ get to step five and realize it says “refrigerate overnight.” I outsmarted Martha this time and actually made a pie timeline! Of course, this means that it took me five days to make the pie, but whatever.

Next time I make it though, I’ll omit the sugar in the whipped cream as the bananas and custard were both plenty sweet on their own. And perhaps I’ll omit the pie crust and just have banana pudding.

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