Friday Food – Avocado

This was Marion’s first serious week on real food. We’d fooled around a little bit before with mushed up banana on our fingers and some oatmeal, but we went hard core with the avocado this week.

And it’s a success! She really loves it and seems to look forward to dinner time now.

We have pictures, but won’t gross you out with food smeared all over her face. It’s truly only something parents can stomach 🙂

Just because I found it hard to find exact “recipes” and I’m one who needs exact measurements, we pureed one medium Haas avocado with 5 oz of formula to get the right consistency. It’s really liquid at first, but thickens up a bit after freezing. There were a few tiny bits of solid avocado left in the mix, and when I came across them while feeding, I’d just mash them up with her spoon and they didn’t seem to bother her at all.

Next week, we’re adding in sweet potatoes (I think that’s what we decided on), thickening the avocado mixture (4 oz of formula) and letting her play more with slices of avocado and frozen bananas. Fun times!

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5 Responses to Friday Food – Avocado

  1. Barbara says:

    I knew she is smart ! Avocados are delicious. She is so cute. I’ve loved all the new pictures.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I’ve been meaning to get some avacado to try with Silas. So far he’s had apples, carrots, bananas and rice. And today I let him play with blueberries on the tray of his bumbo…he didn’t like the taste much, but man, did he love mushing them up. I’d forgotten how messy food play can get!

    FWIW, I just use water in our homemade baby food, since he’s breastfed and I hate pumping ;-).

  3. Garilyn says:

    Kyana LOVES avocado. It was her 2nd food. I would just cut it in half and scrap a little bit with a spoon and she did well with it. It was easy to take with us too. She doesn’t like bananas, so that was the next easiest.

    I usually ate the other half!

  4. I saw your blog link in your email!

    You have a beautiful family! Such an adorable little girl! Can’t wait to meet her!


  5. Jessica says:

    she is just gorgeous! Seriously, Kati… she’s just beautiful!

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