Friday Food – Sweet Potato

(Yes, I know this is posted a day late.)

(Yes, I know I haven’t updated in a week. We’ve been dealing with some sleep issues, or rather, lack of sleep issues, and so all my energy needed to go to a certain little red headed girl this week.)

Sweet potatoes were an acquired taste this week. Marion doesn’t seem to like super sweet foods from the start, but now, she definitely prefers them over the avocado.

One fairly normal sweet potato yielded fourteen cubes of food, or enough for two weeks for us. We offer one cube of food (we freeze the food in ice cube trays) at each meal and if she’s having a good day, she eats about half of it. Ice cube trays are the perfect size, as it’s about two tablespoons of food in each. Right now, she’s at one tablespoon of food, twice a day.

We baked the sweet potato and I halved it for the food processor. The larger half, I mixed with just two ounces of formula and it gave a very thick, stage 2 type puree. The smaller half was mixed with three ounces and came out smoother. So we ate the smoother portion this week and will move up a texture next week.

This week’s avocado also got chunkier, one and half avocados with four ounces of formula. The other half, I sliced and kept in the fridge for her to have as finger foods. She still isn’t keen on the slimy texture in her hands as she’d rather mush it than pick it up, but she does like to gum the slices if we hold them up for her.

We also realized this week that at this age, eating is exhausting for her! We were trying to stick with offering her both foods at the end of the day before bedtime, but she was falling asleep in her high chair most nights. I guess it takes more work than we realized to coordinate sitting up, opening her mouth and swallowing all at the same time! So now, we have breakfast and lunch every day and even though you aren’t supposed to do it, I offer her solids before her bottle. She’s never been a really food driven baby and this just makes sure she does the work for real food than having the lazy delivery method of the bottle. We haven’t seen a decrease in her intake of formula nor a increase in her intake of solid food, so she’s still getting her nutrition primarily from her milk.

Next week, no new foods, we’re just going to work on increasing the texture of her existing foods. We’ll probably start offering whole pieces of banana, sweet potato and avocado at each meal, along with more stage 2 like purees of sweet potatoes and avocado.

**Warning – I find pictures of baby food smeared all over babies’ faces to be disgusting, even when it’s my own child. So you might not want to look at the following picture.**

We learned the problem with sweet potatoes are that they blend in with her hair and eyebrows!

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2 Responses to Friday Food – Sweet Potato

  1. apecaut from mdc says:

    Hi Kati! It’s been a while but I wanted to check up on you and family. Marion is getting so big. She’s already eating solids. I love those pics for comparison every month. Such a cutie! 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    I believe she’s saying “Mmmm Good”.

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